Silk hot water bottle large I Wild Chamomile

€275,00 EUR

Create the ideal environment for a heavenly night’s sleep with The Beauty Sleeper’s Wild Chamomile Large Hot Water Bottle. Covered in soft, padded silk that feels divine against skin, the luxury hot water bottle radiates a calming warmth and works as a natural way to aid sleep and treat aches, pains and stress. 

The cushion-soft 100% Mulberry silk cover borrows its pretty white pearl colour and corn yellow accent trim after the wild chamomile flower, complete with a matching ribbon. A 100% wool lining helps prolong the amount of time the hot water bottle stays warm.

 The Beauty Sleeper Large Silk Hot Water Bottle cover comes with a premium quality, odourless thermoplastic hot water bottle from Bavarian makers Hugo Frosch with a capacity of 1,8 litres – phthalate-free, recyclable and of course without harmful substances. Complies with the internationally-recognised hot water bottle British safety standard (BS 1970:2012) and has a two-year water-tightness guarantee.

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