Sleep Chronicles

Sleep rituals

In the hours before bedtime, create your own sacred ‘Good Night’ rituals by bringing mindful attention to leaving the day’s busy schedule behind..

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Sleep chronicles | Sleep rituals | The Beauty Sleeper

Sleep Chronicles

Goodnight from Caroline Bille Brahe

Curator of vintage fashion and model, but first and foremost mom to little Sonya, Caroline Bille Brahe opens up her world of sleep to us ... or these days, to her world of not much sleep at all.
Caroline has spent the last ten  years living her life out of a suitcase travelling the world as one of the most sought after models of our time. These days, you will find her most mornings in her local park, the King’s garden in Copenhagen, happily walking her new baby Sonya and their border collie, Skat.

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Sleep Chronicles | The Beauty Sleeper

Sleep Chronicles

Sleep is not just a loss of consciousness for eight hours

Sleep is both mysterious and complicated……”

 Sleep expert, author, professor at the University of Copenhagen and former researcher of sleep at Stanford University, USA – Birgitte Rahbek Kornum, unlocks the mystery while she opens the heavy but still calm gate into her universe of sleep.

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The Beauty sleeper

The Beauty Sleeper Silk Pillowcase

Sleep chronicles


As a true country girl, I love nature and I know it's good for my soul and mind when I take my dog for a long brisk walk in the woods. Connecting on a spiritual level with nature, however, is new to me.
This summer I packed my suitcase and travelled to Deià, a small coastal village in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains in Mallorca. I wanted to experience for myself how guided meditative walks in nature can help us towards a better sleep..

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