"A few things I learned when writing about sleep for @Voguemagazine.
That the oversized silk sleep mask by @Thebeautysleeper is indispensable"

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sleep chronicles

My Inspiration

The inspiration to create my golden peacock print by the name of Apus, comes from my many visits to Faaborg Museum during my entire life. The Museum is small, magical and an architectural gem housing the most beautiful and inspiring works by painters from the artists’ colony that emerged in the town of Faaborg in the end of the 1880’s and today is still one of the most important in Denmark.

I spent my childhood in Faaborg and still go back to visit my family in this lovely seaside town surrounded by hilly natural landscapes and tiny islands dotted around in the horizon. A scenery that attracted and inspired many artists as well as my grandparents who arrived here back in the late 1920’s.

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inspired by the dreamy wall painting by johannes larsen in faaborg museum

the apus silk collection

sleep chronicles

Keep warm with your hot water bottle

We are in the middle of the winter and dark and cold mornings are what we are waking up to.

Our days are still short and primarily spent at home due to the lock-down of our country.

Especially this year, winter is a time to slow down and to welcome a quieter life, to keep the candles lit and enjoy the soft light in our homes and almost like the bears in the woods go into hibernation.

It is all about embracing our cold and dark winter months while keeping a positive mind-set.

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Sleep Chronicles

Goodnight from Emma Rosenzweig

The distinct filmmaker, artist and model Emma Rosenzweig offers a different take on fashion and film, always hued with her fascination for old movies, feminism and melancholy. Emma lets us in on her sleeping habits, thinking of skulls when brushing her teeth and kissing her husband’s neck before going to Wonderland..

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