Silk hot water bottle small I Sandy Beach

€235,00 EUR

Feel the heat slowly envelop you with The Beauty Sleeper Sandy Beach Small Hot Water Bottle cover made from 100% pure silk with a decorative contrast ribbon. The smaller, travel-friendly size fits easily inside a bag and can be used anywhere as a portable heater or for natural pain and stress relief.

Giving off an air of the warmth of a sun-drenched corn field against a piercing blue sky, the divinely smooth sand-coloured silk and bright blue silk trim cover features a 100% wool insulating lining to increase the amount of time the hot water bottle stays warm.

Softly curved for extra comfort, the small luxury hot water bottle is the ideal companion for travel, a chilly office or tucked into a jacket on a cold day out. It also makes a wonderful, soothing bedtime ritual for little ones to lull them to sleep.

The Beauty Sleeper Small Hot Water Bottle cover comes with a premium quality, odourless thermoplastic hot water bottle from Bavarian makers Hugo Frosch with a 0,6 litre capacity – phthalate-free, recyclable and of course without harmful substances.  Complies with the internationally-recognised hot water bottle British safety standard (BS 1970:2012) and has a two-year water-tightness guarantee.

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