silk pillowcase 60x63 cm | dorado

€200,00 EUR

Upgrade your beauty sleep and maximise your skincare routine with The Beauty Sleeper Silk Pillowcases, made from 100% pure Mulberry silk. The best kept beauty secret for hundreds of years, silk pillowcases benefit both your skin and hair by helping them maintain their natural moisture.

Unlike conventional cotton pillowcases that begin to absorb the majority of your precious night creams and serums as soon as your head hits the pillow, The Beauty Sleeper Silk Pillowcase ensures that your beauty products get to work on your skin while you sleep, and the silk fibres help reduce the appearance of fine lines by minimising friction. 

A true luxury sleep experience, the smoothness of the silk pillowcase prevents bed head, split ends and hair breakage at the roots, giving hair strands the chance to grow and in time give you a fuller head of hair. Similarly, The Beauty Sleeper Silk Pillowcase also extends the life of your blowdry with an extra day or two.


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