Silk Scrunchie | Large | Dusty green

€50,00 EUR

Protect your hair with the large Beauty Sleeper Silk Hair Scrunchie, the perfect bedtime companion. The gentle no-friction accessory prevents tangled and frizzy morning hair and makes for an exquisite daytime hair accessory or wrist accent.

Like a little piece of green confectionary, the dusty, mossy Silk Scrunchie is trimmed with delicate spring green. Made from 100% Mulberry silk using fabric remnants from our silk sleep masks to eliminate waste in our production.

Unlike traditional elastic hair ties that can damage hair strands, the smooth fibres of the Beauty Sleeper Silk Scrunchie prevent hair from breaking by reducing friction and tension and minimise the tell-tale ponytail kink. Additionally, silk soaks up less of the beneficial oils that are naturally present in your hair, leaving it shiny and smooth.

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