Silk sleep mask - Wild Chamomile

€160,00 EUR

The Beauty Sleeper’s Wild Chamomile silk sleep mask fully blocks out the light and takes you off to a restful night on cloud nine. The wonderfully soft sleep mask is made from 100% silk and stays securely in place with a comfortable silk strap. By ensuring total darkness, melatonin production is gently encouraged, allowing you to enter a deep sleep.

Echoing the cushion-soft feel of its namesake, the Wild Chamomile silk sleep mask features a dainty white pearl colour with corn yellow piping.

Smooth silk fibres keep your skin moisturised and hydrated during the night and prevents skin creases in the eye area. Unlike cotton, silk doesn’t absorb precious nutrients from your night creams and serums.

Every silk sleep mask is handmade and comes in a beautiful drawer box made of environmentally friendly FSC-certified paper – the perfect bedside companion to store your mask and bedside table essentials in when not in use, such as your favourite lip balm or ear plugs.

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