Silk hot water bottle large I Meadow Bed

€275,00 EUR

Let the restful warmth of The Beauty Sleeper’s Large Silk Hot Water Bottle envelop you and take away the stresses of the day. The calming heat of the luxury hot water bottle works as a natural sedative and painkiller and immediately relaxes your body, surrounding you with a sense of calm and content and transporting you off to sleep.

Soft and plush like a forest carpet, the moss green 100% Mulberry silk cover is trimmed with a delicate green ribbon and features a 100% wool lining that enhances the cushioned feel and helps insulate and prolong the amount of time the bottle stays warm.

The Beauty Sleeper Large Silk Hot Water Bottle cover comes with a premium quality, odourless thermoplastic hot water bottle from Bavarian makers Hugo Frosch with a capacity of 1,8 litres – phthalate-free, recyclable and of course without harmful substances. Complies with the internationally-recognised hot water bottle British safety standard (BS 1970:2012) and has a two-year water-tightness guarantee.

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