Sleep is the one beauty treatment everyone can indulge in – the best kept beauty secret around.

Gardening & Sleep

The sun has come out from hiding, trees are blooming around us and it makes us all want to spend as much time outside as possible.

Our gardens have almost been asleep over the winter, but have now woken up and are full of vitality and life.

My garden is a complete wilderness, since we have only had it for two years. 

The first year we had plans of rewilding it, and the second year we spent just trying to embrace the green jungle with long grass and new tiny trees popping up everywhere in our lawn.

This year, we will still try to work with nature but we also want to plan for years to come.

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Sleep has a magical healing power and dreaming is like overnight therapy

A weekend at the old rectory

Last weekend I was lucky enough to visit the Cotswolds in England for the first time in my life. Although I lived in London for many years and did some traveling with my job as a Sales Manager for a Danish clothing brand, I mainly went down south to Devon and Cornwall. The Cotswolds was finally a dream come true.

We stayed in The Rectory Hotel a small boutique hotel in the village of Crudwell, once home to the local rector and his 14 children and neighbour to the beautiful village church.

We were welcomed by the most lovely woman in the reception and treated to Tea and Scones and instantly cuddled up in the beautiful sofas in front of the crackling open fireplace.

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Interview with sleep expert Birgitte Rahbek Kornum

“Sleep is not just a loss of consciousness for eight hours"

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Girl with silk sleep mask in color wild chamomile

the importance of sleep?

  • Sleep is the most efficient way to prevent premature aging and heart disease, lower stress levels and prevent obesity.

  • During our sleep, we regenerate our muscles, and our skin is rejuvenated. During deep sleep, our bodily fluids are circulated, which cleanses our internal organs and transports moisture to our skin.

  • It is while we sleep that the brain gets to process all impressions of the day. The calming and soothing effects of healthy sleeping habits ensure that we are happier and more energized, when we are awake.