Sleep is the one beauty treatment everyone can indulge in – the best kept beauty secret around.

Hydration & Sleep

The warm summer nights have arrived and in the past I often found myself waking up in the mornings with a feeling of thirst and a dry mouth, probably caused by breathing too much through my mouth, lack of hydration during the previous day and no windows open in our bedroom.

I started digging into the connection between sleep and hydration, both crucial to our health and found out that drinking enough water during my day was another little part of the puzzle in improving my sleep quality.

I live in an apartment in the middle of Copenhagen with all bedroom windows facing a busy street and for me, being so sensitive to noise and light pollution, it can be a challenge to get the deep sleep that I need. 

I can’t open the windows at night due to the noise from traffic and happy people singing in the street, especially at weekends, which is another good reason for me to escape to our cottage in the countryside and sleep with open windows almost all year round.

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Sleep has a magical healing power and dreaming is like overnight therapy

Interview with sleep expert Birgitte Rahbek Kornum

“Sleep is not just a loss of consciousness for eight hours"

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Girl with silk sleep mask in color wild chamomile

the importance of sleep?

  • Sleep is the most efficient way to prevent premature aging and heart disease, lower stress levels and prevent obesity.

  • During our sleep, we regenerate our muscles, and our skin is rejuvenated. During deep sleep, our bodily fluids are circulated, which cleanses our internal organs and transports moisture to our skin.

  • It is while we sleep that the brain gets to process all impressions of the day. The calming and soothing effects of healthy sleeping habits ensure that we are happier and more energized, when we are awake.