Does the bright springtime light wake you up too early?

our silk sleep mask will block out all light and give you a blissfull morning

Spring mornings

Scandinavian springtime gives you that wonderful feeling of having an extra-long day that spoils you with enough time for both work and play. The sun is up earlier in the morning and by the end of this month the sun sets at almost 10 pm in the evening and going to bed early is not the first thought that pops into my mind on days like these. 

Because of all this bright light our bodies do not produce as much melatonin, which is the hormone that makes us feel sleepy, but the challenge is that we still need the same amount of sleep whether it is summer or winter and creating a good sleep routine for the summer is vital for your overall well-being

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A universe of pieces for heavenly slumber distinguished by their simplicity, calm and tranquillity, and the central role they play in achieving a good night’s sleep.

natural helpers for a good night's sleep

Interview with sleep expert Birgitte Rahbek Kornum

“Sleep is not just a loss of consciousness for eight hours"

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Drift off into a deep sleep

Drift off into a deep sleep with The Beauty Sleeper hand made Sandy Beach silk sleep mask. Designed to secure total darkness while protecting the delicate eye area, the divinely soft sleep mask is made from 100% silk and features a comfortable silk strap that holds the mask in place all night. Blocking out the light boosts melatonin and encourages deep, invigorating sleep to make the most of your precious sleeping hours. 

The understated simplicity of the sandy-hued silk and bright sky-blue accent piping evokes a pleasant, soothing holiday feeling – the ideal bedside companion to complement any bedroom palette.

Smooth silk fibres keep your skin moisturised and hydrated during the night and prevents skin creases in the eye area. Unlike cotton, silk doesn’t absorb precious nutrients from your night creams and serums.

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