The Beauty Sleeper devotes itself to cultivating the ultimate sleep experience through an exquisite collection of natural sleep-enhancing bedtime treasures. Founded in 2019 by Lotte Barnholdt Mahony, The Beauty Sleeper has perfected traditional sleep aids, drawing on time-honoured sleep remedies and scientific research to transform and maximise the quality of sleep.

Sleep is a universal yet often neglected need, something which The Beauty Sleeper seeks to re-prioritise as a ritual worthy of the same importance we place on our diet, exercise habits and waking dreams and desires.

The Beauty Sleeper was born from Lotte’s personal experiences with interrupted sleep, bright bedrooms and feelings of anxiety creeping in at bedtime. A flimsy, standard airline sleep mask became the starting point for creating the ultimate luxury silk sleep mask: a treasured companion that has since grown into a universe of pieces for heavenly slumber distinguished by their simplicity, calm and tranquillity, and the central role they play in achieving a good night’s sleep.


About Lotte Barnholdt Mahony

With a background in the lifestyle and beauty industries, and as the founder and owner of sustainable, niche beauty product distributor Barnholdts, Lotte Barnholdt Mahony has become a respected voice on sleep and beauty.

Having successfully remedied her own sleep deprivation and fear of the dark, Lotte envisaged The Beauty Sleeper as a way to share her ongoing research into sleep as a tool for beauty, physical wellbeing and mental health.

Her interest in natural ways to improve sleep and overall happiness informs every part of her brand and her holistic approach to restorative sleep. Lotte not only creates sleep-enhancing products but uses her platform to enlighten others on the role good sleeping habits play in creating a better quality of life.