The Beauty Sleeper is based in the heart of Copenhagen, a city known for focusing on moving the fashion and beauty industries towards a more sustainable future. With long lasting, high quality products, we aim to leave a light environmental footprint in everything we do and we work continuously on creating an increasingly sustainable company without compromising on our high standards in both products and services.


The Beauty Sleeper products are made of 100 % silk, which is a natural protein fibre that has been used for thousands of years and has less impact on our environment than many other fabrics today.

The production of silk textile leaves a very small carbon footprint. 


Digital Printing

Our designs are digitally printed on a small scale by our OEKO-TEX certified supplier and although no manufacturing process is without impact on our environment, modern digital printing is by nature more sustainable than the traditional textile printing that consumes massive amounts of water, ink and energy.

Digital printing uses hardly any water and the consumption of ink is very little compared to traditional screen printing. Our fabrics are all printed and dyed in compliance with the EU regulations of harmful substances regulations and the ink used is certified as Azo dye free.


Sewing Studio 

The Beauty Sleeper products are all carefully made by hand by a small family-run sewing studio in Shanghai specializing in silk products and with a proud tradition for having an amazing eye for detail in all their delicate work. 

We enjoy a close relationship with the woman behind this Danish-owned sewing studio, who was born and raised in Denmark by her Chinese mother and Danish father. With her heart still strongly connected to her Chinese heritage, she often travels from her hometown Copenhagen to spend time with the small team in her sewing studio.  


Silk Offcuts

All off cuts from the production of the Beauty Sleeper silk sleep masks and silk pillow cases are carefully saved and used to create our beloved hair silkies to ensure we have no unnecessary waste in our production cycle. 


FSC® Packaging

The little blue drawer box that all our products come in is not just a beautiful packaging to throw away after opening.

We have created this with a very subtle tone in tone logo and in high quality environmentally friendly FSC® material, so that you can place it on your bedside table to keep your sleep mask free from dust during the day. You can even store your favorite lip balm and perhaps your ear plugs in it too.  It is also ideal for your hair silkies, your jewelry or your other treasured belongings.

The eco-friendly packaging, we use for shipping, is made of FSC® material.  We try to use the smallest boxes possible so that we do not ship air but only products.

FSC® stands for The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and is an organization that helps take care of our forests as well as and the people and wildlife who call the forest their home. FSC® is a certification that assures that every time a tree is harvested a new one is planted.

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