Sleep rituals


Pre-sleep rituals

In the hours before bedtime, create your own sacred ‘Good Night’ rituals by bringing mindful attention to leaving the day’s busy schedule behind. Empty your mind by writing down all your ‘To Do’s’, so you don’t need to occupy your brain with them.

Dim all lights in your home including those from various screens. Light a beautiful scented aromatherapy candle and put on some slow, soothing music, read a good book or simply just sit down and enjoy the silence.

Sleep sanctuary 

Your bedroom should be your sleep sanctuary, a room full of coziness that relaxes your senses and makes you feel safe and ready to fall asleep easily. Surround yourself with beautiful things, such as pictures of your loved ones, plants known to encourage sleep and perhaps your favourite comfy throw. Consider investing in a set of luxurious bed linens as well as the important silk pillowcase to transform your bed into your own personal cloud of comfort.


Now you are all tucked in and ready for a peaceful night in the world of dreams, put on your silk sleep mask. The total darkness will stimulate your production of the sleep hormone melatonin which will help you fall asleep a lot faster. If you wake during the night, the instant darkness the sleep mask provides will ease you back into the all-important deep sleep, that repairs your body and mind and eases you into a better morning. The soft silk sleep mask will be gentle to the delicate skin around your eye and be your most treasured piece in your journey towards beauty sleep.