Bed socks - Grey horizon

$50.00 USD

The Beauty Sleeper Alpaca Bed Socks are made from a divinely soft blend of 70% pure baby alpaca wool and 30% nylon. Hypoallergenic, warm and breathable, the bed socks help create the ultimate comforting and soothing bedtime experience. The precious, natural lightness of baby alpaca wool fibres makes the socks feel almost as if they are floating just above your skin whilst keeping your feet exquisitely cosy.

Baby alpaca is the term for one of the finest grades of alpaca wool. It relates to the size of the fibre, not the age of the animal, and denotes a fibre diameter of 20-23 microns. The soft baby alpaca wool comes primarily from the neck and belly area of the alpacas. Durable and biodegradable, baby alpaca wool also has thermo-regulating properties. 

The Beauty Sleeper’s baby alpaca wool is sourced from breeders in Peru, where the alpacas are part of the native ecosystem and roam freely in herds across vast areas of fenced land. Alpacas are environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient animals: unlike other kinds of livestock that require supplementary feed, alpacas only graze the mountainous grasslands.  

Shearing is done once a year and is beneficial for the alpacas as it helps keep their skin healthy and takes weight off their backs and joints. The Beauty Sleeper’s baby alpaca wool is then spun at a Peruvian mill, which has a longstanding relationship with our suppliers, before the bed socks are knitted in Europe.  

We add nylon to our baby alpaca bed socks to make them more resilient to wear and tear, and robust enough to wear around the house or with shoes for that all-day cosy feeling.

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