100% Mulberry silk

Silk hot water bottle large I Sandy Beach

$305.00 USD

Retreat to bed with the comforting warmth of the large Sandy Beach Beauty Sleeper Silk Hot Water Bottle. The soft luxury hot water bottle gives off a wonderful, all-surrounding heat similar to the feeling of lowering yourself into a warm bath. Not only does it soothe aches, pains and stresses but the silk hot water bottle also works as a natural sleep aid, helping you drift off into a pleasant slumber.  

The 100% Mulberry silk cover takes its colour palette from a sun-drenched countryside landscape with sand-coloured silk and a bright, sky blue silk accent trim and ribbon. A 100% wool lining acts as an effective insulating layer that ensures the hot water bottle stays warm even longer.

      The Beauty Sleeper Large Silk Hot Water Bottle cover comes with a premium quality, odourless thermoplastic hot water bottle from Bavarian makers Hugo Frosch with a capacity of 1,8 litres – phthalate-free, recyclable and of course without harmful substances.Complies with the internationally-recognised hot water bottle British safety standard (BS 1970:2012) and hasa two-year water-tightness guarantee.

      Guide to filling your hot water bottle

      • Untie the velvet ribbon on your silk hot water bottle cover and open the cover at the top and unscrew the cap lid.
      • Heat up a kettle and let it cool down for 5 minutes, before filling up your hot water bottle. Be careful not to use boiling water as it can damage the seams of your bottle and add to the risk of burns.
      • Slowly squeeze the remaining air out of your bottle so that the level of water rises to just below the top.
      • Screw back the cap lid tightly and close your silk hot water bottle cover and tie the velvet ribbon again.
      How to wash your Beauty Sleeper product

      The Beauty Sleeper is made from 100% silk. Due to the delicate nature of this product, please handle with love and care for maximum sustainability.

      Only wash when necessary

      There is no need to wash your product every time you use them.  I recommend that you wash it only when necessary.

      Chose the right soap

      Use a recognized detergent and preferably an eco-labled remedy, as they are often tested for efficiency and colour loading. Use a soap that is especially good for silk fabric as there is no need for fabric softener (which is harmful to the environment, anyway).

      Chose the right program for your silk sleep mask, scrunchie and pillowcase

      Wash separately using silk detergent. Wash at maximum 30 degrees in washing bag. Two lines under the wash basin means that the silk mask and pillowcase must be washed on an extra gentle program. 

      The sleep masks, scrunchies and pillowcases cannot tolerate tumbling.

      Iron at low temperature.
      The dot on the iron indicates how hot the iron must be. One dot means that the iron must not rise above 110 degrees.

      May be dry cleaned.
      The circle with the letter is an instruction for the dry cleaning. The letter indicates which liquid the dry cleaner needs to use. A line under the circle indicates that the dry cleaner needs to use gentle cleansing.

      I hope that these guidelines will help you keep your silk sleep mask, scrunchie and pillowcase for a long time.

      Warmth for comfort & soothing

      A Silk Hot Water Bottle gives off a feeling similar to lowering yourself into a warm bath.

      Our hot water bottle radiates an all-enveloping heat that immediately relaxes your body, surrounding you with a sense of calm and content. Whether for bedtime or as an effective, soothing pain relief for muscle aches and period pains, the hot water bottle has got you covered.

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