Benefits of using a hot water bottle

The comforting warmth of a hot water bottle is one of those portable heating inventions that has yet to be beaten – perhaps only by a sausage dog snuggled up in your lap or next to you under the duvet. Hot water bottles give off a feeling similar to lowering yourself into a warm bath: they radiate an all-enveloping heat that immediately relaxes your body, surrounding you with a sense of calm and content. Whether for bedtime or as an effective, soothing pain relief for muscle aches and period pains, the hot water bottle has got you covered.

Hot water bottles were originally invented as ‘bed warmers’ in the 16th century, when embers from the fireplace would be placed inside a metal container wrapped in soft cloth. Now in its much-loved rubber incarnation, the hot water bottle is a godsend in cold temperatures. They work as a natural sleep aid, warming the bed so you can sleep comfortably without having the central heating on – something that can dry out your skin and airways – and they give off a wonderful, natural heat, made even lovelier by The Beauty Sleeper Hot Water Bottle 100% Mulberry silk cover and 100% wool lining that act as a natural insulator.

But most importantly, a hot water bottle works pretty much anywhere: in the office, on a chilly train or – in The Beauty Sleeper’s smaller, portable size – tucked under your jacket to keep you warm and toasty at outdoor events or at your child’s sports days. Safe and economical, a hot water bottle is the gift that keeps on giving, emanating hours of heat. Always use hot and not boiling water, only fill up no more than two-thirds, squeeze the air out until you can see the water rising just below the top, secure the top safely and store with the lid off when not in use. The Beauty Sleeper Hot Water Bottle Cover comes with a classic, odourless hot water bottle from Bavarian makers Hugo Frosch – phthalate-free and of course without harmful substances.