Benefits of wearing Alpaca Bed Socks

A soft pair of alpaca bed socks not only feel heavenly but can also greatly contribute to a good night’s sleep. Scientific research suggests that warming up feet before bedtime sends a signal to your brain that it’s time to go to sleep. Studies have also indicated that adults who wear bed socks not only fall asleep quicker than those without socks but stay asleep longer and wake up fewer times during the night. 

Bed socks help regulate body temperature, which is an important part of sleep. Towards the end of the day our body increases its melatonin production to prepare us for sleep. This results in a steady drop in core body temperature that continues through the night.  Wearing bed socks helps this process by aiding distal vasodilation – the term for an increase of blood to your feet caused by widening of the blood vessels. By directing blood to the feet, your core body temperature lowers, helping lull you to sleep quicker. This is why some doctors recommend bed socks to patients who suffer from hot flashes due to menopause.

Baby alpaca wool is the ideal material for bed socks. Beautifully soft, it’s one of the warmest kinds of animal fibres. Baby alpaca is the term for one of the finest grades of alpaca wool. It relates to the size of the fibre, not the age of the animal, and denotes a fibre diameter of 20-23 microns. The soft baby alpaca wool comes primarily from the neck and belly area of the alpacas. Durable and biodegradable, baby alpaca wool also has thermo-regulating properties. 

Baby alpaca wool is highly breathable, non-itchy and hypo-allergenic due to its barely discernible lanolin content, making it a perfect choice for those with wool and lanolin allergies. The Beauty Sleeper’s baby alpaca wool is sourced from breeders in Peru, where the alpacas are part of the native ecosystem and roam freely in herds across vast areas of fenced land.

Some people find that they enjoy the sleep signals bed socks send to the brain, but that their feet can get too warm during the night. The Beauty Sleeper Alpaca Bed Socks can easily be slipped off at any time.