This delicate flower infusion will transform you from awake to sleepy

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One windy and cold afternoon I visited the lovely Fulvia Kryger from the Glow inst. and fell in love with the delicate flower infusion she served for me at my arrival. This beautifully scented flower infusion is composed by Fulvia as a key to the transition from extroversion to introversion and works for me personally as the ultimate goodnight tea. All though it being Fulvia's private and secret mix she decided to share her blend with us. I am forever grateful to her and so happy to share her wonderful story about her flower infusion here below.

Fulvia Kryger explains...

Sometimes, when night falls, we feel a longing to disconnect our mind. There is a transition from performing, talking and creating to coziness and relaxation.  

This transition is delicate and precious. It often takes time.
There are beautiful ways to enter this state of transition – meditation, quiet music, a warm bath or reading a book. But there is one special thing, that can send you into a state of calm and delight: organic flower infusions.

Maybe it is because we have known flowers and herbs for thousands of years, and our body recognizes these powerful, yet delicate components.

When I started to create a transcendent-like experience for The Glow Inst., I composed a flower infusion that works as a key to the transition from extroversion to introversion. From awake to sleepy. From alert to calm. 

The flower infusion is composed of whole chamomile, oat straws, calendula and lavender petals.
Chamomile is sweet, delicate and feminine. It is very calming and relieves anxiety.
Calendula is soothing, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-viral, toning for the skin and balances our menstrual cycle.  
Oat Straw tastes neutral and has a very calming effect on the body. It acts as an anti-depressant and reduces nervousness and insomnia. 
Lavender is also a beautiful natural anti-depressant as well as relieving anxiety, insomnia and stress.

Most of us seeks tranquility. However, we often distance ourselves from things and situations where we naturally find it. From childhood we learn, that tranquility will be found outside of us, so we tend to desire things that we do not really need.

Flower infusions lead us to the tranquility that comes from the inside out, so they are a powerful portal to a calm and sleepy state of mind, so we can transition from that to sleep and recharge and stimulate our creative and intellectual capacity. Sleep is the key to better health and beautiful skin, and nothing compares to a night of deep sleep.

How to prepare your flower infusion:

Boil 600 ml of water per 30 grams of dried flowers. Pour water over the flowers and let steep for 30 to 60 minutes.  serve in your favourite teapot.


15 g chamomile

10 g calendula

5 g Lavender petals

1 pinch of oat straws

Serve this heart warming and delicate flower infusion in your favourite teapot.

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