Goodnight from Caroline Brasch

Curator of vintage fashion and model, but first and foremost mom to little Sonya, Caroline Brasch opens up her world of sleep to us…. or these days, to her world of not much sleep at all.

Caroline has spent the last ten years living her life out of a suitcase travelling the world as one of the most sought after models of our time. These days, you will find her most mornings in her local park, the King’s garden in Copenhagen, happily walking her new baby Sonya and their border collie, Skat.

Early bird or night owl?

Early bird... which means I snuggle up in bed early and love spending my evenings in bed with my baby Sonya, my husband Frederik and my border collie Skat, but I tend to fall asleep quite late….  I guess it makes me a little bit of a night owl too…


Do you have a ritual at night to prepare yourself for a good night’s sleep?

I like waking up to a tidy apartment, so for me it is almost a therapeutic ritual to take a tour around our home and make sure all the piles of clothes and my husband’s socks on the floor are gone when we wake up in the morning.

I don’t wear much make-up when I am not on modelling jobs, so I just brush my teeth and hair and jump into bed.

My big passion is designer vintage clothes, so my absolute favourite way to spend an evening is lying in bed looking online for that one special Dior dress or Saint Laurent jacket. But since becoming a mom I tend to spend every waking hour with Sonya, whether she needs food, cuddles or even if she is sleeping like an angel next to me in bed.

Goodnight from Caroline Bille Brahe | The Beauty Sleeper

Has becoming a mom changed your sleeping habits?

Yes. I used to be a good sleeper, especially at home in my own apartment in Copenhagen feeling safe and surrounded by all my own stuff. But becoming a mom has turned my sleeping schedule completely around. Sonya is going through a phase where she doesn't sleep that well during the night, which means I don't get much sleep either. To me that is the hardest part of my new role as a mom - it feels like torture to my body sometimes.

How do you prepare yourself for a long-haul flight crossing time zones?

After ten years of almost living in a suitcase flying from one part of the world to another, I have become almost an expert in preparing for flights. I often go straight to jobs so it is crucial to look my very best.

I bring salad, healthy snacks and drink two to three litres of water during a long flight.

My number one beauty essential is my silk sleep mask. I try and get as much sleep as possible – since sleep, healthy food and water makes all the difference when I arrive at the set looking and feeling ready for work.

I wear compression socks for my own safety and so I don’t show up with swollen ankles and of course I bring my special grab bag with face oil, lip balm, hand cream, toothbrush and my hairbrush – so I can freshen up a little on my way to the job.


What is on your bedside table?

My mobile, two bottles of still water, a lip balm and my hand cream from Bully.

I have a habit of drinking lots of water during the night, so I cannot go to bed without knowing I have water next to me…


What’s the one thing you can’t sleep without?

I’ve got three, Sonya, Frederik and my dog Skat – they all make me feel happy, loved and complete.

Frederik turns off all the lights and makes our bedroom dark and falls asleep in one minute, but it often takes me half an hour of lying in bed before heading off to a good night’s sleep. I guess that was before becoming parents. These days there are no rules so we just go with the flow.

Pyjamas, night dress, your partner’s tee or your birthday suit?

At home I just wear my underpants, but alone in a hotel I will always wear a T-shirt too.