Hometown Magic in March

Welcome to March, a month that will bring daffodils, tulips, and hyacinth, and as our days become longer and hopefully slightly warmer, we will soon transition into Spring.
Spring will bring more trips to my hometown Faaborg and our small chocolate box cottage in the tiny village by the foot of the hills in Svanninge.
I always feel very inspired when I leave the city behind and the inspiration to create my golden peacock print above came from one of my many visits to Faaborg Museum. 
The Museum is small, magical, and an architectural gem housing the most beautiful and inspiring works by painters from the artists’ colony that emerged in the town of Faaborg at the end of the 1880s and today is still one of the most important in Denmark.
I enjoyed my childhood in Faaborg and I now love spending time with my friends and family in this lovely seaside town surrounded by hilly natural landscapes and tiny islands dotted around the horizon.
A scenery that attracted and inspired many artists as well as my grandparents who arrived here back in the late 1920’s 
I love the work of the local female artists, especially Anna Syberg, who is well-known for her floral watercolors.
But my absolute favourite room in the Museum is the archive above with the amazing golden wall paintings by the artist Johannes Larsen and the iconic Faaborg Chairs specially designed by the Danish furniture designer Kaare Klint for Faaborg Museum back in 1914.

The room has double doors opening to the lovely old garden, where you can enjoy coffee and cakes in the afternoon.
I dream of taking a rest on the leather sofa and having the whole day to study every little detail of the wall paintings with the exotic peacocks, grey ducks, cherry trees, and a special selection of Scandinavian flora and fauna.
Faaborg Museum
To me, Faaborg Museum and the golden peacock room feel like home and a cherished place to return to, when I need to feel grounded and to search for balance and inspiration in my life.