Keep warm in the early springtime with our hot water bottle


We are at the end of the winter and our days are slightly longer with more daylight, hopefully more sunshine soon and snowdrops popping up everywhere.

Spring is ahead of us and things are looking up and we are slowly getting out of hibernation.

But it is not yet time to get out our summer hats and swimming costumes, unless you are enjoying the healthy and highly celebrated winter bathing like many people here in Denmark, unfortunately we still have a few cold winter months to go.

We can still use this special time with close family and friends at home which gives the opportunity to get absorbed into reading, cooking and to just be still and listen to our intuition.

You would think that all this time spent in your sofa with warm fuzzy blankets and hot chocolate would naturally bring a better sleep at night, but this is not always the case. A lot of us still suffer from a disrupted sleep schedule, our bedroom might be too hot or too cold and we end up tossing and turning all night.

Keeping our bedroom cool is key, but on the other hand I can’t think of anything worse than getting into a cold bed.

Our bodies naturally drop in temperature when we get tired but after a few hours of sleep it will rise again and that is why I prefer to sleep with my down duvet and layer it with one or two of my favourite woolen blankets on top, this way I can un-layer during the night if I get too warm.

Beside my husband and my dogs Elvis and Lillebror ( little brother in danish ), my all-time favourite bedtime companions in the winter time is an old school hot water bottle.

In fact, I don’t just use it during the night. I also keep one in my office and if I get a little chilly during the day, I will fill it up with hot water and place it on my lab to warm me up.

My hot water bottle is all about comfort, it keeps me warm in bed and helps me to relax and relieve stress on my sofa after a long day in my studio. On days with stomach aches, our girl's menstrual pains or when my husband comes home with a sore back – it helps the whole family to feel at ease and relaxed again.

Many winter nights I prepare hot water bottles for everyone in our family and my girls have grown up knowing that a good night’s sleep start with bringing a hot water bottle with a soft and beautiful cover into their bed.

The science behind this is quite simple since the heat helps you to relax by stimulating your blood flow and improving circulation around your body.

So, my grandmother's advice that warming my feet before going to sleep is still so very true and since it gives my brain a clear signal that it's now time for me to sleep.

Not being able to live without several hot water bottles in my home, it gave me the idea to design and create my own and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

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